A Career in Truck Driving

A Career in Truck Driving

As with any career, there are a lot of pros and cons in becoming a truck driver.  In order for you to take an educated approach on as to whether or not this is a career to pursue, here is a list of things that are beneficial as well as things that are disadvantages in this career.


Compared to many other blue collar jobs the compensation is pretty good

High demand in the industry for truck drivers as more than 70% of the goods transported in the U.S. are done via trucks ($671 billion worth of manufactured and retailed goods)

There are over 3.5 million truck drivers in the U.S. out of which one in nine are independent operators

If you are the type of person who cannot sit at a desk for long period of time than this is the perfect career since you can visit different places every time.


The long hours are one of the key deferrers of this job

Being away from family for long period of time as one might have loads that have to be delivered to the other side of the country

Due to many regulations that govern where and when a truck driver must sleep, one must accommodate to different sleep patterns and accommodations

One will literally be driving thru different weather conditions that they have to be prepared physically and mentally

Majority of the drivers that come to us for their insurance needs are very happy with the path they have chosen.  They have adjusted well to all the difficulties and the great opportunities that their carrier has provided.  As always, we at Royalty Truck Insurance are here to guide out clients, old and new, to getting the right coverage for all their truck insurance needs.