A Thanksgiving Story: How the Holiday Made Me a Trucker

With Thanksgiving coming tomorrow (Happy Turkey Day!), the holiday season is about to kick off. For most this is a time of joy, but for others, it is pure stress. My experiences towards the holidays are conflicted.

Working at a grocery store as a teenager, I hated the week before Thanksgiving. People acted insane as they scrambled to gather ingredients for stuffing, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and other holiday favorites. Customers loaded up their carts until they almost overflowed, forcing me to furiously speed-bag and load pound after pound of groceries into cars in the rain.

After my second Thanksgiving listening to customers complain about the long lines on Wednesday night, I quit that job.

Holiday Work at UPS

For the next year, needing money for Christmas gifts, I found seasonal work with UPS. I have always been interested in the trucking industry, and saw this as a way in. UPS hires thousands of seasonal workers each year to sort and deliver packages. With my hard work and determination, my employers hired me on full time after the holidays.

I moved up through the ranks, passed my exams to become a truck driver, and was certified to make cross-country deliveries. I love the long days on the road, listening to music and talk radio and witnessing the majesty of the American landscape.

So that is how Thanksgiving caused me to become a truck driver. Every year when I sit down at the Thanksgiving table with my family (assuming I’m not on the road), I express my thanks for stressed-out housewives doing their last minute shopping and single fathers trying to prove that they deserved more than two weekends per month. If it wasn’t for my horrible grocery clerk experiences at the end of November, I may have never found my calling driving trucks.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!