Back to School Safety

Back to School Safety

As all of our children get back to school mode, we advise all our drivers to be careful of the extra traffic around school zones.  At Royalty Truck Insurance, we are in the business of insuring our drivers, so here are some highlights to insure that everyone is alert driving around school zones.

Here are some easy guidelines to navigate through school zones:

Streets are going to be full of school children so take your time and slow down around school zones and watch your speed as well as watching out for pedestrians.  Make sure you are following all speed limits.  

Your eyes and attention need to be on those who are not paying attention, i.e. children on their phones, parents stopping in the middle of the street to drop off kids, kids crossing in the middle of streets where they are not supposed to and so on.

Flashing yellow lights mean a bus is going to stop. A driver behind the bus must slow down, prepare to stop, and not attempt to pass the bus. Oncoming cars must drop speeds to 20 miles per hour or less.

When a stop arm is out and red flashing lights are on, every driver, behind the bus or oncoming, must come to a complete stop.

Some schools have attendants with stop signs of their own directing pedestrian traffic so make sure you follow their queue as they might be aware of things on the ground that you are not aware of.

As always, we urge drivers to follow all speed limit rules and slow down around school zones.  Safety on the road is our number one priority, for our drivers and pedestrians.  Let us know if we can help you any further with your insurance needs and stay safe.