If You Want to Drive a Truck Then You Better Learn the Slang

If You Want to Drive a Truck Then You Better Learn the Slang

Trucking is a way of life that takes a lot of getting accustomed to.  Those in the industry know how hard the road could be and maybe that is why truckers have come up with a unique way to communicate with one another.  We have decided to give you a quick run-down on the language used by many of our clients here at Royalty Truck Insurance.

Let’s start from easy ones that we have all heard and know:

10-4 – I understand your message
10-6 – busy right now
10-8 – en route
10-20 – location
Angry Kangaroo – a truck with one or both headlights out
Bear Trap – speed radar trap
Bucket Mouth – someone who won’t shut up
County Mounty – the county sheriff
ETA – estimated time of arrival
Gear Jammer – speeding driver
Hammer Down – drive faster
Jack – Knife
Peddle Run – route with lots of deliveries
Willy Weaver – drunk driver

Now that you know some of the slang that will prep you to be on the road, make sure you have the best insurance as well to keep you safe on the road.  Royalty Truck Insurance is here for all your truck insurance needs and questions.  We promise that we will try our best to understand any lingo that you use!!!