Safe Food Transportation

Safe Food Transportation

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates on shippers, carriers, and other supply chain partners for ensuring compliance with requirements for safe food transport and delivery.   Food Safety Modernization Act takes on a more proactive approach to the safety of food.  The need is to avoid practices that will contaminate food that will cause more problems down the line.

There are couples of rules that are specific.  For example, shippers have to ensure vehicles and their equipment is in sanitary condition as well as specific temperature and pre-cooling requirements agreed upon amongst carriers and loaders.  Another example would be specific requirements for carrying bulk items, or items that are in open boxes.

In order to help shippers and carriers maintain these specific standards and comply with the FDA, there are number of technological tools that will come in handy.  Some examples of this are:

  • Tracking temperatures and control

There are products that allow for real-time tracing of temperature in the trailer to be texted or emailed to the drivers and shippers if the level fluctuates too cold or hot.

  • Record keeping and data collection

Cloud-based digital management platforms can store records about temperature, hygiene, and sanitation which make it easier to have all the paperwork handy.  Carriers can even upload certifications as to when the truck was cleaned, maintained, and/or specific items loaded on the trailer.  Data is stored for all who have access from temperature levels, to mileage history, to maintenance logs and so on.

  • Training

Everyone that is affected by the Sanitary Transportation rule must be trained in correct compliance regulations.  Due to the fact that carriers are on the road a more effective way of taking instructions to comply is going to be online that is being developed.

With all the new regulations and technology coming on board, our customers are going to be better equipped to do their job as well as maintained excellent industry standards.  Here at Royalty Truck Insurance we are ready to help our clients with all their needs including providing cargo insurance coverage.