Top 5 Royalty Blogs from 2012

Welcome to 2013!

In order to celebrate the accomplishments of Royalty Truck Insurance company in 2012, including an ever-expanding client base, we want to present you with out top 5 favorite blog posts from 2012.

These choices encapsulate the news, policy changes, and absurdities of the previous year. Enjoy!

5) Bad News, Good News: The Effect of Hurricane Sandy on the Trucking Industry

One of 2012’s biggest stories offered a chance for the trucking to help out the struggling area of our country. What initially appeared to cause financial losses for truckers actually turned out to be beneficial to the bottom line.

4) 4 Simple Tips to Reduce Tuck Insurance Premiums

Royalty is a top United States truck insurance provider and we offer solid plans. Here are 4 tips to lower premiums.

3) Truckers Weigh in on Private vs. Public Rest Stop Issue

One of the biggest problems in the trucking industry  is the lack of secure rest stops for truckers out on the road. In this article, we discuss how to solve this problem and drivers give their opinions on private and public rest stops.

2) Department of Transportation Changes Laws for Truck Driver Work Hours

Right at the end of 2011, the Department of Transportation made changes to the hours of operation for truckers. This had huge consequences, including limiting the potential income of some drivers. The DOT’s changes reverberated throughout 2012, partially causing the necessity to hire more drivers to fill hours.

Unfortunately, the biggest trucking story still lost out to…

1) How to Hot Wire a Logging Truck… Sort Of

If you haven’t seen this humorous blog, click on the link now. It features pictures of a logging truck that got tangled up with a power wire and, well, melted. Take a look at the picture below for a preview of what our top blog delivered.