Staying Safe in the Heat

Staying Safe in the Heat


Summer weather and temperatures still present challenges to truck drivers.  Summer temperatures have been soaring; you’ll want to make sure to take proper precautions to beat the heat while on the road.  Just follow some of the suggestions below while enjoying the road ahead.


Keep couple of bottles of water next to you while you are driving as a reminder to drink water throughout the day.

Avoid caffeinated and alcoholic liquids

Keep cool towels and hand held fans

Skin Care

Apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before going outside and reapply it every two hours after sweating.

Wear a good pair of polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes from damage and to cut down on glare.

Wear a hat and long sleeve clothing to protect your neck and arms

Truck Care

Heat can cause tire blowouts so inflating your tires at a correct level will avoid the risk of a blowout.

Engine overheating due to high temperature is common therefore slowing down while climbing uphill will prevent your engine from overheating.

Summer driving does have its challenges.  Adding these tips to your daily routine can help truck drivers avoid issues with your personal health and your trucks maintenance.

As always Royalty Truck Insurance is ready to help you with all your insurance needs to avoid any problems and/or delays as you navigate the open road.  Call us or visit us at to get the best insurance rates.

If You Want to Drive a Truck Then You Better Learn the Slang

If You Want to Drive a Truck Then You Better Learn the Slang


Trucking is a way of life that takes a lot of getting accustomed to.  Those in the industry know how hard the road could be and maybe that is why truckers have come up with a unique way to communicate with one another.  We have decided to give you a quick run-down on the language used by many of our clients here at Royalty Truck Insurance.

Let’s start from easy ones that we have all heard and know:

10-4 – I understand your message
10-6 – busy right now
10-8 – en route
10-20 – location
Angry Kangaroo – a truck with one or both headlights out
Bear Trap – speed radar trap
Bucket Mouth – someone who won’t shut up
County Mounty – the county sheriff
ETA – estimated time of arrival
Gear Jammer – speeding driver
Hammer Down – drive faster
Jack – Knife
Peddle Run – route with lots of deliveries
Willy Weaver – drunk driver

Now that you know some of the slang that will prep you to be on the road, make sure you have the best insurance as well to keep you safe on the road.  Royalty Truck Insurance is here for all your truck insurance needs and questions.  We promise that we will try our best to understand any lingo that you use!!!

California Trucking Show

California Trucking Show


For the 2nd year in a row, the California Trucking Show will take place from October 14-15, 2017, at the Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, California.  Last year’s event was such a success that it is sure to be even better this year.  The show already has 230 exhibitors, ranging from A&A Truck and Trailer Supply, Maven Machines, Bridgestone, Quality Driver Solutions, Dispatching Solutions, Utility Trailer Sales of So. Cal, Zonar, and many more.  Besides all the great exhibitors, seminars are scheduled for both days.  Seminars will cover topics such as Truck and Bus Regulations Q&A, Phase II of the ELD Implementation Plan, How to start a Trucking company, How to Build Your Brand and Market and others.  The event is sure to give you a wealth of information if you are thinking about starting and/or are already in the trucking business.  The event sponsors are California Trucking Association (CTA), Western States Trucking Association (WSTA), and Owner Operators and Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA).  Royalty Trucking Insurance has participated in some of these shows and we feel they offer a wide range of information and knowledge.  They also give our customers an opportunity to network with those in the same industry and get acquainted with new products that are coming out.  As always, we at Royalty Truck Insurance, are here for our clients for all their insurance needs and questions. Continue reading

Solar Eclipse and Traffic

Solar Eclipse and Traffic


On Monday, August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will be completely visible within a band in United States.  The path of totality is a thin ribbon that is about 70 miles wide and will cross from West to East of United States.  According to NASA, the first point of contact will be Lincoln Beach, Oregon at 9:05 a.m. PDT.  It will cross Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and North and South Carolina.  The states that will have the eclipse in their path are expecting heavy traffic and blockages of some highways as spectators pull over to watch this.   Continue reading

Requirements for Trucking Business Start Ups

Requirements for Trucking Business Start Ups


Starting any company is a hard task, as a lot of your time and energy, as well as money that gets invested in it.  In order to make a sound decision we advise for everyone to do their research.  Whether you decide to run your business with sub-contracted drivers or privately owned drivers there are number of important requirements that have to be met.  

Here are some key points that the SBA (Small Business Administration) suggests for complying with trucking business licenses, permits, and forms:

Federal DOT Number and Motor Carrier Authority Number’ Understand your requirements and apply for these certifications online at the Federal Motor Carrier Authorit’s website.

Heavy Use Tax Form (2290)’ Comply with tax regulations related to the heavy use of U.S roads with IRS Form 2290.

International Registration Plan (IRP) Tag’ Understand your requirements and obtain IRP tags by visiting your state’s transportation website and their IRP portal.

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Decal’ Understand your requirements and obtain IFTA decals by visiting your state’s transportation website.

BOC-3 Filing – Use a processing agent and the BOC-3 filing option to secure and maintain active operating status.

As always we recommend that once you have done your research and have your fleet ready, you obtain the necessary insurance requirements by contacting us, at Royalty Truck Insurance, so we may walk you step by step thru all your needs.  Our highly trained transportation insurance representatives will gladly answer all your questions and help you choose the best insurance suitable for your new business.

MATS 2017

MATS 2017


Show Just For Trucking

The 2017 Mid-America Trucking Show is from March 23-25 at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville, Kentucky.  There are number of reasons that you should attend this show if you are in the business or thinking about joining the vast industry of truck driving.  The show is packed full with activities and events to grow your business.  Not only does it provide you with opportunities to meet more individuals in the business, there are several great seminars being conducted.  From Picking and Choosing the Most Profitable Loads, by to How Data is Driving the Transportation Evolution, by Cargo Chief.  There will be over 1000 exhibitors from 24 Hour, Admiral Merchants Motor Freight, Diesel Controls, Inc, Vander Haag’s Inc., to many, many more.  

March 23, 2017 to March 25, 2017 (Thursday-Saturday).

Kentucky Expo Center
937 Phillips Lane,
Louisville, KY 40209

Thursday VIP 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Thursday 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

To get more information check out the article put forth by TRUCKERSNEW.


Safe Food Transportation

Safe Food Transportation


Freight Truck at loading bay with copy space

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates on shippers, carriers, and other supply chain partners for ensuring compliance with requirements for safe food transport and delivery.   Food Safety Modernization Act takes on a more proactive approach to the safety of food.  The need is to avoid practices that will contaminate food that will cause more problems down the line.

There are couples of rules that are specific.  For example, shippers have to ensure vehicles and their equipment is in sanitary condition as well as specific temperature and pre-cooling requirements agreed upon amongst carriers and loaders.  Another example would be specific requirements for carrying bulk items, or items that are in open boxes.

In order to help shippers and carriers maintain these specific standards and comply with the FDA, there are number of technological tools that will come in handy.  Some examples of this are:

  • Tracking temperatures and control

There are products that allow for real-time tracing of temperature in the trailer to be texted or emailed to the drivers and shippers if the level fluctuates too cold or hot.

  • Record keeping and data collection

Cloud-based digital management platforms can store records about temperature, hygiene, and sanitation which make it easier to have all the paperwork handy.  Carriers can even upload certifications as to when the truck was cleaned, maintained, and/or specific items loaded on the trailer.  Data is stored for all who have access from temperature levels, to mileage history, to maintenance logs and so on.

  • Training

Everyone that is affected by the Sanitary Transportation rule must be trained in correct compliance regulations.  Due to the fact that carriers are on the road a more effective way of taking instructions to comply is going to be online that is being developed.

With all the new regulations and technology coming on board, our customers are going to be better equipped to do their job as well as maintained excellent industry standards.  Here at Royalty Truck Insurance we are ready to help our clients with all their needs including providing cargo insurance coverage.


Can Trucking Really be UBER-ized?

Can Trucking Really be UBER-ized?


Lately the buzzy topic of apps being applied to trucking, especially in freight-matching-provider has gained some traction, and all eyes have focused on an Uber Trucking sort of a proposal.

From afar, the business model for Uber being applied to trucking is an appealing one. After all, what is not to like when, in each area, the vehicle utilization model can match consumers with providers. When it comes to trucking, where 10%-23% percent of miles run empty, plus the increasing cost of e-commerce fulfillment, this idea grows in appeal. However, that is a simplified layout that doesn’t exactly lend itself as effectively to the trucking world.

Digital Freight Matching (DFM) companies use digital platforms to match a shipper’s freight with carriers who have the available space (capacity) to better utilize that motor capacity.

CLICK HERE for more info on cargo and freight insurance by Royalty Truck Insurance.

A consultancy report suggests: companies marketing themselves under the “Uber for Trucking” title but expecting not to provide services beyond a basic freight-matching model should probably re-think their messaging.

Armstrong & Associates Inc. said a number of companies providing legitimate “digital freight matching” services have chosen to associate with the now-famous “Uber” name. But what this on-demand car-sharing model cannot match is compare with the multi-solution, value-added offered by truckers and third-party logistics (3PL) providers.

Armstrong & Associates, who released a new report named “Digital Freight Matching – Capturing Technology-Based Efficiencies in the Trucking Industry” address the key components of Uber’s model, the ride-hailing aspect.

Although digital freight matching has its place in the grand scheme of daily freight, it cannot be a one-size-fits-all substitute. Replacing the experience of providers that understand the business and can pull together people and technology to earn and keep a customer’s business, to resolve arising problems, all unique in their own way are things an app cannot do.

Taking the functionality aspect popularized by Uber and tailoring it to trucking with additional features useful to industry issues can make the idea a lot more appealing and desirable. Tasks like: algorithmic pricing, automated programming interface (API), map integration, track-and-trace, and mobile transaction are all important must-haves to today’s freight service provider, and DFM apps include these functionalities, plus trip planning, digital document storage, and TMS integration. But what is missing is what one cannot find in an app – simply put, the human factor.

Experienced, deep-rooted freight companies address exception handling, provide backup in the case of equipment breakdown, they are invested in keeping and nurturing a business relationship, with access to a wide variety of carriers and pulling from different resources to solve different problems. Is there an app that does all that?

Shipments are high-value and time-sensitive. There are more complex requirements such as specialized equipment types, shipments being transported in multiple ways, and protocols placed in case of equipment breakdowns. Therefore, the A&A report suggests that applying the Uber model (a similar app) to an industry as complex as trucking and freight doesn’t address problems. One can’t bottle the needs of this industry in an app as it will not offer extended solutions to multi-level challenges, which need a case-by-case attention and the appropriate remedy.

The general takeaway is that perhaps this industry is too complex to become an Uber type of business.  However, Digital Freight Matching (DFM) is a technology worth discussing and apps worth revising. With the emergence of self-driving vehicles and drones who knows how effective, necessary or lasting DFM companies can become.

For quote for Commercial truck insurance, CLICK HERE.  

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Drivers Exiting Industry Due to Poor Health

Drivers Exiting Industry Due to Poor Health


As new drivers enter the trucking industry, the dilemma of losing existing truckers remains unresolved. It is not another company charming the drivers away from the current employment. It can be smaller things that accumulate in time, for example: not making enough money, problems with supervisors and management, not having enough time to spend at home with family, or no opportunities to advance. These issues become a big pile and finally push capable, professional drivers out the door. Continue reading

Commercial Truck Insurance: We’ve Got You Covered

Commercial Truck Insurance: We’ve Got You Covered


The trucking industry is a vital part of the economy of this country. It’s safe to say that most industries rely on trucks to deliver goods to them so they, in return can manufacture things and put them out to markets and customers they serve. The United States economy depends on our truckers to deliver over 10 billion tons of various commodities. That’s $700.4 billion worth of goods hauled by trucks across the United States. Interruptions in the transportation force will result in major economic issues affecting all parts of the U.S. economy.

It is easy to see why having a reliable truck is the most important tool in this trade. And when it comes to rolling down the highway, the right insurance is not just for peace-of-mind, it’s the law.

According to the latest data, nearly 4,000 large trucks and buses were involved in fatal crashes in 2014, a 5-percent decline from 2013. Deadly crashes and the dangers on the road might be avoidable, but the proper truck insurance is definitely a must.

Based in Van Nuys, California, North of Los Angeles, Royalty Truck Insurance, our company, has been offering commercial trucking insurance to truck drivers in California and nationwide. See our Coverage Map.

Royalty Truck Insurance is licensed and certified to sell commercial truck insurance throughout most of the continental United States.

CLICK HERE to check out our main commercial truck insurance page for more information and where you can request a quote.

In addition to the Primary (basic) Liability the types of commercial coverage, we can assist you with are: Big truck insurance, bobtail, Dump trucks, garage keeper insurance, hazardous material insurance, physical damage and occupational accident insurance. Additionally, comprehensive insurance, an important one to keep in mind, is offered by us as well.

Commercial Trucking Insurance Must Have’s


To give you a better idea, the following coverage types are quite common for the Trucking and Transportation professionals:

$1mm – Commercial Auto Liability

$1000 – Deductible, Physical Damage Coverage

$100,000 – Motor Truck Cargo

$1000 – Deductible, Non-Owned Trailer Coverage

Are you planning on operating nationwide? Then you need the proper permits as well. You will need FMCSA MC Authority with a DOT number, Truck registration with IRP, Single State Registration (SSRS) and IFTA. Additionally, individual state permits may be needed, depending which state you operate in.

Royalty Truck Insurance offers basic or specialized trucking insurance for different types of drivers.  Meaning, we try to help provide commercial trucking insurance for drivers with less-than-perfect driving records.

To make sure you have everything you need, and hit the road with proper insurance, make sure you give us a call and let us answer all your questions and help you get on the road safely and confidently.

Without the daily dedication of American Truckers, and the dependable service they provide, the wheels of our great nation will come to an unpleasant stop. Therefore, we thank all our truckers everywhere and loves helping them secure the quality insurance they need and deserve.

Healthy Truckers Means Safer Drivers

Healthy Truckers Means Safer Drivers


When you have to drive hours on end and your food options are limited to junk food and fast food, how do you stay healthy and fit?  Here is couple of tips on achieving these goals and staying on the right path of being healthy.

Exercise While Working

Heart disease, weight gain, and high blood pressure are only some of the issues linked with sitting all day.  We would suggest walking around the truck couple of laps every time you come to rest.  We know it could be difficult but adding 20-30 minutes of cardio couple of times a week will be quiet beneficial.

Snacking on the Go

Instead of reaching for a bag of chips carrots are a better alternative in healthy eating.  Not only do carrots provide a well-rounded dose of vitamins and minerals but they also reduce cholesterol, prevent heart attacks, and ward of cancers.  Then there are the nuts that can be eaten like snacks that are packed with protein, fiber, and essential fats.  Unlike the junk foods sold at gas stations, unsalted nuts offer vitamins and minerals that are good for your body and health.  Pack up with bottles of water so if you are thirsty that is the first choice in quenching your thirst instead

Meals on the Go

Even if your stopping station does not offer a wide variety of healthy choices, a salad is always your go to guide.  Your diet should include protein since it plays a role in revving fat burning metabolism and reducing hanger pangs, on the long drives, that force us toward junk food.  Steaks and burgers might be an easy choice but foods with lean beef, turkey, chicken, and fish are great alternatives.  Instead of drinking carbonated drinks or sugary juices opt out for a glass of water.


It takes a while to get rid of old habits.  Start by changing things one at a time.  Once you get a hang of that particular change add another and so on.  There are apps out, such as My Fitness Pal, Waterlogged, and Fooducate, that can help you keep yourself on track and healthy.

These tips should help you get started but it is your will and dedication that will keep you going.  Here at Royalty Truck Insurance, we are more than happy to see our drivers in good health.  Healthy drivers equal safe drivers.    

Trucking Future: What Bernie Sanders & FTR Have to Say

Trucking Future: What Bernie Sanders & FTR Have to Say


While Bernie Sanders has said he plans to improve the United States’ rail system to combat climate change, he has not called for a ban on trucks.

CLAIM: Bernie Sanders plans on banning trucks in the United States.

Where did it come from? On 10 March 2016, the Facebook page Trucks Chicks and Funny Pics posted a short video of Bernie Sanders saying that he wanted to “take trucks off the road.”

True: Bernie Sanders said that an improved rail system could “take trucks off the road.”

False: The 2016 Democratic presidential candidate plans on banning all trucks in the United States.

Sanders’ campaign platform is focused on improving the rail system in the United States, and to take (perhaps a large) number of trucks off the roads. However, he has not called for a complete ban on trucks. The video was taken from a campaign speech, taking place in Miami on 8 March 2016, when words “taking trucks off the road” were used as he was discussing his proposal to combat climate change, and not banning trucks or trucking.

The presidential candidate further explained his proposal on his web site. Nowhere in the video or the proposal published on the candidate’s web site is there a call to ban trucks. Sanders’ proposal focuses on “clean, domestic alternatives” to fossil fuels and improving the nation’s rail system. Here’s a portion from that proposal:

Build electric vehicle charging stations. In a country where nearly 30 percent of carbon pollution emissions come from the transportation sector, it is imperative that we end our dependence on gasoline. Vehicles that run on electricity are more efficient than internal combustion engines and can be powered with renewable energy resources like wind and solar. – Click Here to see the full proposal.

Related Trucking News

Recently in his assessment of the trucking environment going forward, Eric Starks, president of FTR Transportation Intelligence pointed out that “late 2017, early 2018 could be the chokepoint” for the nations continuation of its current 2 to 2 ½% GDP growth path. That is the time when many new regulations, such as the electronic logging device rule, impact the industry and that could have its effect on available drivers, equipment and capacity. In other words: the shortage could reach 120,000 by quarter three of 2018.

The analysis of the U.S. trucking market was presented at the Kentucky Exposition Center prior to the Mid-America Trucking Show. Read more here.

Does the election matter? “Some of the data says no. In general, the economy does what the economy does,” Stark said. “The trend has been typically that February is down, but February was up this year, so that is a very good sign,” he reassured the attendees.

This means: Dry vans a growth of 1.3% for dry vans, this year and a 2.4% in 2017 as reefer trucks can expect increases of 3.2% and 3.8%, respectively.

Truck capacity too, is within healthy margins, running about 95%, currently. With potential rise to about 98% by February 2017 before “chokepoint” time later the same year.

Payroll is an important indicator, and people working means more people buying things. Anything above 200,000 jobs created each month is positive, and that’s what is happening now. Although in manufacturing, there are no big growth news to cause a celebration, but at least “We’re not seeing things falling off the cliff,” Stark points out.

Freight and the overall economic environment remain stable, translating into stability in the industry.

Trucking Industry Challenge: Exiting Drivers

Trucking Industry Challenge: Exiting Drivers


As new regulations threaten to cut capacity by 15 percent, according to the National Transportation Institute (NTI), the trucking industry is faced with the departure of capable drivers leaving the business in hopes of other ways of making money to support themselves and their families.

Hit hardest are the truckload carriers followed by other types of carriers and companies in need of reliable, road-savvy truckers.

This problem is about to get worse as new regulations like electronic logging devices, speed limiters, and mandatory drug testing come into effect. Take into account the stagnant pace of pay increases. With pay rise cycles taking over 30 months and the recession taking another 25% away average pay of drivers (see NTI stats), it becomes easier to see why many drivers prefer leaving rather than coping with changes.

Taking advantage of this new reality are Less-than-truckload shippers and third-party logistics firms. For them, the new landscape translates to excess truckload freight re-directing to LTL trailers as the as the strained truckload supply increases the need for 3PLs.

Trucking operators, equally, have complained about this shortage of qualified driver and significant increases in costs.

For new drivers the challenges stack up. Sure driver incomes are about $54,000 a year, but the purchasing power has dropped to half of what it was during trucking industry’s deregulation of 1980. Nowadays, truckload drivers find themselves paying for their own on-the-road expenses. That’s food, bathing, laundry, etc. all adding up to a sizable bite out of the wallet, per month.

Perhaps the silver lining arising is a chance to increase the female drivers which until now made up 6% of the industry. NTI believes recruiting practices and changes in operations can help spike this number. In addition, women truckers could also help companies meet safety goals and adjust to the changes in the insurance market.

Tightening the belt continues as carriers watch dispatchers and fleet management personnel and search ways to utilize their staff as effectively as possible. Keeping the best, on hand, in order to guide and supervise the best team on the road, and cutting down on mistakes, miscommunications with drivers in order to keep them, rather than help the mass departure of quality drivers from the industry.

With AIG leaving the trucking insurance market, and other insurance companies increasing safety limits due to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standards, a jump in costs is expected. However at Royalty Truck Insurance, we stay committed in providing quality insurance from top rated providers for trucking industry professionals. From fleet owners to car careers, semi and dump trucks, tankers and more, we strive to keep ahead of these changes in order to address everyone’s needs.

In short, it is now the companies who must treat their drivers with fairness and consistency in order to reduce the number of turnovers. Creating an environment with fairness in pay, the amount of time drivers get to spend at home with families and loved ones vs. the amount of hours on the road, are key factors in keeping the industry’s most important assets engaged and willing to stay. Perhaps the increase in the average pay for long-haul truckers is a good sign since a 17 percent hike took place near the tail end of year 2013. This increase reached an average of $57,000 in 2015. See CNBC’s report HERE.

At Royalty Truck Insurance we have played our role in moving the wheels of these hard working Americans. Our dedication to providing the best coverage takes a page from their commitment in keeping this country moving, day after day.

Celebrating Years of Excellence in Trucking Insurance

Celebrating Years of Excellence in Trucking Insurance

Excellent trucking insurance and service in Los Angeles celebrated.
Trucking Celebration: Royalty Truck Insurance in Los Angeles, celebrates years of excellent service to the trucking industry.

It’s an exciting time here at Royalty Truck Insurance as we celebrate 17 years of  providing exceptional service, a milestone we worked for every day, with unique challenges to overcome, with our efficient, dedicated team, resulting in learning experiences, progress in how we serve our customers, and victories that came with it. This whole time, we expanded our services into wider landscape reaching more businesses and individuals needing truck insurance. We have always been committed to delivering the best quotes and customized policies by top national providers, addressing the case-by-case criteria of each policy holder.

See our Coverage Map HERE.

Along the way, we have picked up 13 Consumer Business Review awards, year-after year, in addition to winning Progressive Insurance’s Premiere Partner awards since 2007.

“Staying true to our customers, listening to what their specific needs are and gaining their trust and loyalty. That, along with giving them quality coverage by top providers was our vision and today these goals remain just as important to us,” says company president, Oganes Sepuhyan.

It has been a long road paved by hard working individuals from our Los Angeles headquarters to other parts of this great country.  Naturally, the trust and loyalty of our insured truck drivers, motor carriers, and other supportive individuals in the American trucking industry has been the driving force and the key element in our continued growth and success. We are grateful to each and every one of them.

Focusing on Providing Excellence in Truck Insurance Services

Over a decade ago, Royalty Truck Insurance started focusing its insurance specialty in commercial trucks. From tow trucks to semi-trucks, flatbeds, car carriers, dump trucks and more, we aimed to insure many men and women on the roads, braving harsh conditions and numerous obstacles, to bringing the goods and products that make the engines of America turn.

Our story of success involves a partnership we are equally joyous about.  With the expert analysis, advice and expertise of the talented team at Trimark Marketing Group, in Burbank CA, our company benefited from a logical and multi-phased launch of everything, including the design of our company logo, the development and launch of our company website, and a multi-level, detailed marketing campaign driving our online growth from local to a national level.

This marketing team, from Burbank, California played an essential role in our growth, helping our company appear in organic searches results, ultimately resulting in recognition and calls from all over the country.

We quickly saw our main office go from a 500 square foot space to over 5000 square foot  operation center expand to an entire floor dedicated to servicing insurance needs of clients contacting us from over 30 states.

Here’s to doing what we do best, and many years of helping all professionals in the trucking industry with their insurance needs. We thank you for joining us for the ride.

Weight Warning for Trucks

Weight Warning for Trucks


Trucks are meant to haul goods to and from places, and sometimes that means hauling a lot of heavy product.  Making sure that the weight you are hauling is not in excess, or that the size of your vehicle is not an issue, is a crucial part of safety.  With the weather being unpredictable and rainy, it makes the issues of size and weight much more dangerous than in normal driving conditions.

At Royalty Truck Insurance, we are here for you should you ever need us, but we understand that the best course of action is to be proactive.  Preventing dangerous situations helps minimize the risks of an accident happening, so we hope that you are able to stay safe and stay on the road.  Should you ever need your insurance to kick in, Royalty Truck Insurance will be here for you.



Flash Flooding Awareness

Flash Flooding Awareness


A flash flood is a rapid flooding of geomorphic low-lying areas: washes, rivers, dry lakes and basins. Heavy rain associated with a severe thunderstorm, hurricane, tropical storm, or meltwater from ice or snow flowing over ice sheets or snowfields can all be reasons for flash flooding situations. At Royalty Truck Insurance, we understand the importance of trucks as not only vehicles, but the most important tool truckers need to do their work.  When your livelihood depends on your truck, losing it for an extended period of time is not an option.  We do our best to get you back to work, so that you can continue to provide for yourself and your family without too much undue stress.

With the flash flooding occurring from recent storms, we just want you to be extra careful out on the roads.  Avoid driving in the first or last lane, as water tends to pool up and be deeper there.  Also keep an eye out for any fast moving water, as even shallow water can become hazardous at the right speed.  Stay safe out on the roads, and know that Royalty Truck Insurance has your best interests at heart.

Some Tips from the National Disaster Education Coalition:

Avoid flooded areas and areas subject to sudden flooding. Do not attempt to cross flowing streams. Most flood fatalities are caused by people attempting to drive through water, or people playing in high water.

Stay away from underpasses. Underpasses can fill rapidly with water while the adjacent roadway remains clear. Driving into an underpass can quickly put you in 5 to 6 feet of water.

Find another route if you come upon water that’s rising fast. Move to more elevated ground and away from rivers, streams, creeks and storm drains. Local officials put up barricades to protect people from unsafe roads. It’s risky to ignore such blocked roads. See if you can find another way to safely get to your destination.

Abandon your vehicle immediately and climb to higher ground if the vehicle becomes surrounded by water or the engine stalls, (and if you can safely get out).

El Niño Is Here

El Niño Is Here


With El Niño said to have an eighty percent chance of lasting into late Spring of next year by the NOAA, we’d just like to remind you all to get your tires checked and be safe on the road during this time.  Wet and slippery roads are extremely hazardous, especially when it comes to trucks and all the weight involved in trying to stop too quickly on less than ideal conditions.

Many people will continue to drive like the conditions are ideal, so it will be up to you to be extra vigilant and careful.  As an insurance company, we see too many reports of accidents in poor conditions, and we’d like to wish you all the best of luck.  We hope you never end up needing us for an emergency, but if you ever do, know that here at Royalty Truck Insurance, we have your back.

Lower Prices Good For All

Lower Prices Good For All


 With diesel prices becoming the lowest they have been all year long heading into this Thanksgiving day, we can take a moment to appreciate the little things in life that put a smile on our faces.  One of the things that make us happy is providing great service for every single one of our clients here at Royalty Truck Insurance, and we hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones. 

Trucking is a tough industry, and having an insurance company that has your back makes your job easier and less stressful.  The safer you are out on the road, the better it is for both of us, and everyone can celebrate and be joyful when the holidays come around.  With the holiday season in full swing over the next month, we’d just like to say that we are glad you are part of our family, and to keep safe on the road ahead.


Detroit is Getting New Engines

Detroit is Getting New Engines


Daimler Trucks recently said that they will begin production development on the DD5 and DD8 engines at their Detroit facility.  These new engines are medium duty, and will be widely available come 2018, and will have limited releases in 2016.  This is great news for Detroit, and this multi-million dollar deal will boost the economy, and in a few years, we will have American made engines to be utilized for anyone who chooses. Click Here for Daimer Trucks’ official website.

 American jobs are important to us, and we like to support and highlight any news that is positive in this regard.  We are more than just an insurance company, since we care about every one of our clients.  This news is great, and we’d like to say Happy Thanksgiving to you all as well.  If you’d like an insurance quote for free, give us a call and see what we have to offer you today.

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Rainy Season Is Here

Rainy Season Is Here


SALO, FINLAND - DECEMBER 27, 2014: Truck and full trailer is being towed by a heavy duty tow truck. The rapidly changing temperatures and weather conditions can be challenging for heavy duty vehicles in winter.

The rain has started and the slick streets and highways are something to keep an eye out for and stay safe.  If you have worries about your insurance coverage or the service you receive from your insurance company, give us a call at Royalty Truck Insurance.  We care about our clients because we know that insurance is needed when trouble occurs, and we want to make a potentially difficult time as easy as possible for you.

You can expect up front and honest dialogue with any questions you may have about your coverage, and we get you the best price we can to make sure you are sufficiently covered for your needs.  Trucking involves driving for many more hours than commuters, so because of the larger sample size, the odds of needing insurance that has your back is much higher, so give us a call and get your free quote today.





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Rainy Season Approaches

Rainy Season Approaches


Traffic rain (focused on rain drops on glass)

The drop in oil prices recently will hopefully yield cheaper gasoline costs, and diesel costs as well, which is some good news.  With autumn around the corner, the weather will start to cool, and in many parts of the country, and hopefully in Southern California, there will be some rain.  What is good for drought conditions, becomes hazardous for driving, especially in Southern California where rain scares many drivers here.

     With more dangerous driving conditions, comes a greater need for the right insurance.  At Royalty Truck Insurance, we know which truck insurance is right for you, and we make it our job to get you the best deal with the best value.  You can give us a call today for your free quote, and we can help you get the insurance that fits for you for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.


In Trucking: The Ford F-650/750 Coming Along

In Trucking: The Ford F-650/750 Coming Along

Semi truck insurance news - Ford Motors F650 F750 models

At its initial launch, the F-650 and F-750 were available with two Diesel engines: the Caterpillar 3126 (replaced by the C7) and the ISB from Cummins.


The first 2016 Ford F-650/750 has been built at the Ohio Ford plant. That’s good news to us at Royalty Truck Insurance, since we enjoy finding out about the latest tools and machines shaping and moving the trucking industry

The Ford F-650/F-750 Super Duty are medium-duty commercial trucks produced by Ford since 2000. Prior to 2014, the trucks were produced in a joint venture between Ford and Navistar International. The replacement for the 1980-1998 F-600, F-700, and F-800, the F-650 and F-650 Super Duty are Class 6-7 medium-duty trucks, competing against the Freightliner Business Class M2 and the International Durastar.

Available primarily as a straight truck in several cab configurations, the F-650/F-750 are used primarily for box van, construction, towing, and are intended to appeal to businesses and municipalities.

The F-650/F-750 6.7L Power Stroke and TorqShift HD have been developed and tested for medium-duty applications, with three horsepower and torque levels and a five-year/250,000-mile limited warranty.

At its launch, the F-650 and F-750 were available with two Diesel engines: the Caterpillar 3126 (replaced by the C7) and the ISB from Cummins. For the 2010 model year, Caterpillar exited the on-highway Diesel engine market, leaving Cummins as the sole engine choice.

Royalty Truck Insurance provides insurance for a wide variety of commercial trucks matching our truckers with the right type of insurance required by law. Whether you drive the new F-650  F-750 or other big rigs, we hope to insure you soon.  CLICK HERE to request a quote.