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Royalty Truck Insurance has policies that cover commercial truck insurance and other vehicles, such as tow truck insurance, dump truck insurance, big truck insurance, and common truck insurance.

Truck Insurance Policies for Colorado Drivers and Registered Businesses

Royalty is a nationwide commercial truck insurance agency licensed to sell policies to customers with vehicles and businesses registered in Colorado. If it’s time to revisit or revise your current commercial insurance portfolio, talking to one of our brokers or agents can help you tailor policies to your unique business needs.

Royalty Truck Insurance offers tons of policies for the independent driver, specialty truck driver or trucking company. Take a look at some fun facts about the Centennial State and then get a free truck insurance quote from a friendly Colorado-licensed Royalty agent.

Specific Colorado Truck Insurance Filings

Who wants to deal with paperwork? Royalty will take care of insurance filings by state. In Colorado, these filings include:

ICC Filing

The ICC Filing is Federal filing necessary for all for hire truckers in order to carry loads across state lines. Proof of the FMCSA-mandated $750,000 minimum primary liability coverage for personal injury and property damage protection is required, along with your USDOT number.


The MCS-90 is a form that shows the driver or motor carrier has commercial truck insurance that at least meets the minimum coverage levels for bodily injury and property damage required by Federal law. Though not insurance itself, the MCS-90 is proof the commercial party has made appropriate filings and showed valid truck and cargo insurance that meets the regulations of the FMCSA and their state or registration. The MCS-90 is required to be in the truck cabin, attached to proof of their appropriate policies.

You can check out the MCS-90 form from the FMCSA site.


The BMC-34 filing is a document that shows trucks or motor carriers are covered with motor truck cargo insurance that meets regulations set by the FMCSA or state laws.

Form E

Form E is a state commercial insurance filing submitted to your state’s intrastate trucking regulatory body. It certifies your commercial vehicle insurance meets the liability coverage levels set by the regulations of your state’s law.

Form H

Form H is similar to Form E, but it applies to motor truck cargo insurance instead of primary liability coverage. Form H is a state insurance filing that declares the driver or motor carrier is carrying sufficient cargo insurance in conjunction with the regulations of their state.

Colorado Form 12

Form 12 is a filing unique to the State of Colorado and towing businesses. Form 12 is submitted to the State of Colorado Public Utilities Commission and certifies that drivers or trucking companies carry appropriate tow truck insurance. Form 12 officially serves as proof of cargo insurance in the form of on-hook towing where vehicles are transported as cargo. It’s filed in conjunction with Form 10 (liability) and Form 14 (garage keepers insurance).

Check out the Colorado towing carriers annual permit application via

Colorado Form 14

Form 14 is a filing unique to the State of Colorado and towing businesses. Form 14 is submitted to the State of Colorado Public Utilities Commission and certifies that drivers or trucking companies carry appropriate tow truck insurance liability levels for accidents that may occur while customer vehicles are garaged. Form 14 officially serves as proof of liability levels in the form of garage keepers insurance. It’s filed in conjunction with Form 10 (truck liability) and Form 12 (cargo insurance in on hook towing).

You can check out this list of filed tow carriers in Colorado and see the specific filings from the CO Department of Regulatory Agencies.

General Liability (GL)

More info coming soon.


The SR-22 is a form that’s submitted to the DMV in your state of registration that serves as proof that you have commercial truck insurance that meets at least the minimum liability levels set by the FMCSA or your local regulations. There’s also a section where your insurance provider guarantees they will notify the DMV if you fail to maintain your policy for a specific duration. The SR-22 certifies drivers and motor carriers will maintain appropriate levels of coverage as long as they are commercially operating.

Colorado Fun Facts

caColorado is the only state in history to turn down the chance to host the Olympic games. Citizens passed on Winter Olympics in 1976 by a 62% vote, citing the cost, pollution, and population boom that it would bring to the state and to the city of Denver.

Speaking of which, the capitol city is also the birthplace of the cheeseburger. Louis Ballast, operator of the Denver-based Humpty Dumpty Drive-In, was awarded the patent in 1935.

Colorado has the most microbreweries per capita of any state.

Colorado is also home to Dove Creek, the Pinto Bean Capital of the World, and the world’s highest suspension bridge. The Royal Gorge Bridge near Canon City spans the Arkansas River at a height of 1,053 feet. Denver is also the yearly host of the world’s largest rodeo, the Western Stock show.

Colorado, along with Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, makes up part of Four Corners, the only place in America where the corners of four states meet.

Truck Insurance Quotes for CO Truckers

Call today to find out if Royalty brokers can help you save on Colorado truck insurance policies—truck insurance quotes are always free for state coverage. Contact us today or visit our free truck insurance quotes page for more specific info, or visit our main semi truck insurance page for info on the vehicles we insure.

Royalty Binds Commercial Policies in Colorado

Royalty Truck Insurance provides customized insurance policies to just about every type of driver.  Whether you’re an independent looking for simple bobtail insurance or a specialty driver looking for protection for tow trucks or dump trucks, Royalty has got the coverage you need and is able to offer extremely competitive rates for all types of semi trucks.

More than just a semi truck insurance agency, Royalty can offer businesses commercial coverage like occupational accident and general liability in addition to typical coverage for your vehicles.

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