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Royalty Truck Insurance has years of experience helping independent drivers and commercial trucking businesses find the right premiums and coverage amounts for their business needs.

Our agents bind commercial truck insurance policies throughout the United States.  We’re licensed throughout the U.S. and use A-rated commercial truck insurance providers. We can help you optimize coverage levels to be in compliance with local regulations and in tune with your business goals.

We can even help you find lower premiums if you’ve experienced prior loss or have had poor experiences with other commercial truck insurance companies.

More than Just Commercial Insurance for Trucks

Royalty can bind policies for your trucks and commercial vehicles, cargo, trailers & interchange agreements, general liability for your business and occupational accident coverage for your employees. We can help motor carriers, shipping companies and other businesses in commercial trucking bundle their entire umbrella of commercial truck insurance policies to to help them save even more on annual or monthly rates and costs.

Insurance for Any Owner/Operator or Business in Commercial Trucking

At Royalty, our agents have been binding commercial trucking insurance policies for just about every facet of the industry. We’re licensed throughout the U.S. and are experts with individual state coverage levels and filings.

Additionally, we can help advise you on what type of insurance coverage is optimal for your business needs. We can help independent owner/operators make sure they get the right commercial coverage so their bobtails are protected beyond legal liability amounts and will be covered in case of damage in an accident. We can help businesses in shipping ensure that the cargo and trailers either they or their clients own is covered and protected from loss while in their possession.

Let Us Help You Lower Your Commercial Truck Insurance Rates

Whatever aspect of commercial trucking your business is in, Royalty agents can help you choose the best insurance for your needs and budget.

We can help independent drivers and motor carriers alike save on premiums by reducing the coverage they don’t need and working with the best A-rated providers for their business.

Whatever state your in and no matter what kind of commercial truck insurance you or your business needs, Royalty has you covered.

Commercial Truck Insurance Coverage Map by State

Royalty is currently licensed to sell and bind commercial policies throughout the country. We’re experts on proper state filings and coverage regulations. Click a state on the interactive map below to see its specific filings!

Get Dependable Roadside Assistance

Without the royal premium. Special rates of just $399 yearly available to all Royalty customers and include towing, jump starts, fuel delivery, flats, vehicle winching, navigation assistance and more! Get covered for just $44.99 down.

Under the Hood: More About Your Commercial Truck Insurance Policy

Check out more about some of the common specific coverages that will probably be included when binding  your commercial truck insurance policy.