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Garage Keepers Insurance

Garage keepers insurance is an essential form of motor carrier insurance that applies to any business that may keep other people’s vehicles overnight.

There are many types of commercial truck insurance policies to consider when purchasing policies for your trucking company or independent business.

In addition to insurance for trucks, cargo insurance and trailer insurance, most companies will need to purchase a select few policies to cover their business operations day to day.

Garage Keepers Liability Insurance

Garage keepers liability insurance is a special optional coverage designed mainly for those in the tow truck business or any other type of industry trucking company that may house customers’ vehicles in their garage overnight or for extended periods of time.

But some truck insurance policies for businesses are a bit more specific to the type of business purchasing the insurance.  Such is the case with garage keepers insurance.

Who Needs Garage Keepers Insurance?

It’s common for towing companies to purchase garage keepers insurance in addition to their tow truck insurance. Sometimes mechanics will purchase garage keepers as well to protect against vandalism or theft that may occur during off business hours.

Other Policies To Consider with Garage Keepers Insurance

General liability or a business owner’s policy, some type of insurance for trucks (typically tow truck insurance), and workers compensation insurance where applicable.

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Who Needs Garage Keepers?

Garage keepers liability insurance protects the company against the possibility of damage due to accidents, theft or vandalism that may occur during times the garage or company is closed. For more information about covering your actual towing vehicles, please visit our main tow truck insurance page.