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Primary Liability Insurance

Primary trucking liability insurance is the most basic form of commercial truck insurance.  Similar to our common auto insurance policies, trucking liability insurance is the core of any truck insurance policy and is intended to protect injuries to other people and damages to property that may result from accidents on the road.

In many cases, primary trucking liability insurance is the only type of truck insurance required by Federal law.  Every truck driver operating on the highway in the United States is required to carry proof of financial responsibility in the form of primary trucking liability insurance.

Remember that primary liability insurance is designed to be just that – the most minimalistic form of truck insurance allowed by law. Be aware when crafting your commercial truck insurance policy with an agent that primary liability will not cover damage to your own vehicle. For more info about all of the insurance options we offer, visit our main commercial truck insurance page.

What Trucking Liability Insurance May Not Cover

Trucking liability insurance will not cover damage to your own vehicle.  It also doesn’t protect you in the event of theft, fire, vandalism or other disasters that may occur to your truck.  It also doesn’t cover damage to your trailer or cargo.

Other Policies to Purchase with Primary Liability

Primary liability isn’t the only type of truck insurance most drivers and motor carriers purchase.  If you’d like your own vehicle covered in the event you need to make a truck insurance claim, you’ll need some additional policies.

Comprehensive insurance or a physical damage insurance policy will provide protection to your own vehicle when added to your truck insurance coverage. Trailer insurance and cargo insurance will protect your additional equipment and the goods you’re hauling.

Distinction between General Liability

It should be noted that the term “primary liability” is sometimes used to describe general business liability coverage, which protects your business from various circumstances. Royalty Truck Insurance provides commercial truck insurance to motor carriers and fleets, and can include this general liability coverage when drafting your company’s commercial truck insurance.

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Primary Liability

Rather, primary liability truck insurance is intended to cover the general public.  Primary liability will pay for injuries to other drivers on the road and any damage to public property that may be caused from an accident.

If damage is done to your vehicle, however, you’re at the mercy of the insurance (or lack thereof) of the person at fault.  Even accidents that are covered by primary liability insurance can get very expensive for both parties involved based on their truck insurance deductibles and policy outlines.