Amazon Freight Partner Program - All You Need To Know

Amazon Freight

Amazon has been preparing to double the amount of freight vehicles it uses. The business will profit from this since they’re going to invest in little transportation companies. This is how Amazon Freight Partner, a larger trucking company, will be able to hold all those little trucking companies accountable.

A sample group of truck drivers who would not be allowed to set their own prices was hired when the concept was still in its crude form. Amazon started its fleet in various states after executing this testing phase. Amazon fleet vehicles have just started traveling to 12 different states. The three primary ones are Alabama, Arizona, and California.

For the trucking businesses who will sign up for the Amazon freight partner program, a list of restrictions is also formed. The drivers would primarily be able to transport just Amazon products and will be paid a defined wage.

Drivers cannot qualify for a loan unless they can demonstrate that they have at least $30,000 in liquid assets. Amazon formerly employed UPS to deliver its items, but with the launch of this service, they have established a vast network of delivery vehicles across the whole nation.

Even while Amazon already possessed about 100 delivery partners before the introduction of new freight partners, the number has now roughly tripled.

To ensure timely and safe deliveries, Amazon will not only hire drivers but also provide them with the necessary professional training. In addition, they are offering loans to pay for the price of vehicles or industrial trailers.

For its freight, Amazon uses a specially developed electronic logging system called Amazon Relay. Carriers and truck drivers may track routes, cargoes, track their service hours, and more with the use of this tracking gadget. According to FMCSA, using an electronic logging device is required. Every trucking company makes use of a logging device of some sort. Among the most widely used are the ELDs from Motive (previously Keep Truckin) and EROAD.

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Benefits of Partnering with Amazon Freight

  • Amazon Freight Development: There are other advantages to working with Amazon as their freight partner in addition to job security.
  • Professional Training: A driver will receive the greatest hands-on training in business and carrier truck operations from qualified business trainers after he has been chosen as one of the drivers in the Amazon freight partner program.

Starting a new business with only $30 to $40K is quite challenging. Minimum Initial Costs and Loan Benefit However, the drivers in this freight scheme might begin with just 30,000 dollars. Even with this little sum, people who are unable to pay the whole amount upfront are given financing choices.

Increased Employability: As a result of Amazon’s multifaceted rollout of this initiative, many new jobs will be created locally. Because drivers won’t have to travel vast distances, using fossil fuels and releasing toxic pollutants, this indirectly improves the environment as well. Additionally, the delivery personnel will spend more time at home as they work in a neighborhood.

Pay for truck drivers

The tasks and location of the job have a significant impact on the compensation of Amazon drivers. Typically, truckers are paid based on the number of miles driven, while Amazon compensates its drivers based on the number of hours worked. Here is a complete breakdown of the pay:

Regional solo drivers and solo drivers working alone can make up to 240 dollars per day and 30 dollars per hour. If a driver has worked for Amazon for more than 12 months, they also receive paid vacation time and a wage increase that occurs nearly twice a year. They have access to sufficient medical insurance. Dental and eye care are often covered by medical costs. There are other bonus programs available. Salt Lake City, Utah, is the location of this project.

Team drivers work full-time jobs as well, although they typically have more difficult responsibilities than single truck drivers. They receive salaries of up to 90,000 dollars annually, or 38.25 to 43.25 dollars per hour.

Due to the fact that their work is more strenuous, they are paid more than single drivers. Team drivers get all additional perks in addition to basic pay, including a bonus, paid vacation, a pay rise, and coverage for medical expenses.

Drivers of local routes are paid somewhat more than others. This kind of truck driver primarily transports cargo out of Troutdale (Oregon). In comparison to other trucking businesses, Amazon offers its truck drivers more advantages including referral programs and salary increases every six months after a complete year of service. The same perks are also available to truck drivers.

Method of Joining

Joining as an Amazon freight partner is a very easy procedure. The following is a quick explanation of each step:

  • The freight business gets in touch with Amazon to learn more about openings, locations where vehicles are needed, and other things.
  • The following step is to register for the online application and enroll in a series of online seminars.
  • To confirm the candidate’s suitability for employment, interviews and background checks are conducted after this.
  • Successful candidates will now get a job offer, and they’ll start getting professional training.
  • Following the completion of the necessary training, the job as an Amazon freight partner will begin.
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