Legal liability insurance for garage owners

In the event that a car is harmed by a fire, theft, collision, or vandalism, garagekeepers legal liability insurance offers protection.

An extra insurance plan called "Garagekeepers Legal Liability" is made for business owners who own gas stations or provide towing services. When you park, store, or conduct work on a customer's car while it is in a covered area, it is protected.

Storage Location insurance is the name given to Garagekeepers Legal Liability coverage in Texas and Virginia. On-Hook Towing insurance is then known as Garagekeepers Legal Liability insurance in these two states exclusively.

Who need legal liability insurance for garage owners?

Garagekeepers Legal Liability coverage is for you if your company provides towing or service station services since it safeguards you when you store clients’ automobiles.

Limitations, deductibles, and other information

The greatest amount of coverage you are eligible to purchase on an incident-by-incident basis will depend on the limitations you choose for your Garagekeepers Legal Liability policy.

The overall amount covered by Garagekeepers insurance depends on the maximum you select, regardless of whether one car or a whole garage full of cars is destroyed while in your care. Depending on your state, you have a range of alternatives to choose from, but the common upper limit is $2,500 per incident.

A per-vehicle deductible, which is normally $500, must also be chosen. This implies that you would cover the initial $500 of the cost to repair or replace each car, with the remaining cost being covered by your insurance.

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Example of garagekeepers’ legal liability insurance

Late at night, you receive a call to tow a broken-down vehicle. Since the mechanic’s garage is already closed, you overnight store the vehicle there. Sadly, thieves enter into your garage and damage the customer’s vehicle.

Up to the level you choose, the garagekeeper’s legal liability insurance would cover the cost of repairing any damage done to the customer’s vehicle.

Exclusions and limitations

If you have more than one storage facility, each facility must be identified, verified, and insured individually.

For garagekeepers legal liability coverage, you must additionally get liability and on-hook towing insurance.