General Liability Insurance for Trucks

Overview of Commercial General Liability Insurance

This policy, as the name implies, covers a wide range of third-party liability coverage that is not limited to automobiles. Some of the more common types of risk that this coverage is designed to cover include injuries or property damage incurred while on your premises, while using your products or services, or as a result of a contract breach. Many choices particular to your business might be included in this insurance (ie: garage, pollution; environmental; underground; professional).

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Concerns About Additional Coverage

The basic policy is usually enough coverage for standard transportation industry operations. It’s a good idea to have truck pollution coverage if your business has fuel tanks on the site. A type of professional liability coverage may be acceptable for freight forwarders or customs house activities.

This policy contains important policy conditions that should be discussed with your insurance broker to ensure that your operations are adequately protected.

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Limits on General Liability Insurance

Policy limits range from $300,000 to $2 million; however, the most common policy limit is $1 million per incident with a policy aggregate of $2 million. Higher limitations are available as needed for your specific requirements.

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