Montana Commercial Truck Insurance

  • Commercial transportation is a risky business. Every year, over 130,000 individuals are injured in commercial vehicle accidents. Around 70% of incidents result in simply property damage, whereas roughly 22% of truck accidents result in injury to other road users or truck drivers. Regardless, commercial vehicle accidents in Montana can be costly, with the average payout for a commercial truck accident totaling $59,000. Royalty Truck Insurance Inc. can redirect such expenses away from you and onto the insurance company.
  • If you own a large commercial truck, such as a dump truck, an auto trailer, a car carrier, a garbage truck, a box truck, a tank truck, a flatbed truck, or a tow truck, be sure the truck insurance you buy is adequate to cover your liability and minimize your loss in the case of a covered risk. While each of these truck kinds serves a unique purpose, the risk you incur remains consistent. The amount of time the truck is on the road, the employees who drive it, the number of miles driven annually, and the freight being hauled all play a role in how much insurance you will pay.
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