Information about moving truck insurance

If you are intending to move across the nation or into a new home across town, renting a moving truck may be an excellent option. But you’ll need the appropriate insurance if you have an accident while traveling or if something bad occurs to the items within.

It’s crucial to obtain moving truck insurance since it’s possible that rental trucks aren’t covered by your standard auto insurance. Additionally, if you read the tiny print, moving trucks can be prohibited even though your credit card company or auto insurance provider may provide coverage for standard rental cars.

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What is moving truck insurance?

Renting moving trucks to carry freight is covered by a particular insurance policy known as moving truck insurance, sometimes known as rental truck insurance. If you are relocating to a new state, packing up your home, or need to transport heavy objects that won’t fit in your car, you could require moving truck insurance.

The price of moving truck insurance is often determined by a few criteria, just like the price of normal vehicle insurance. Instead of a monthly charge, moving truck insurance is often a one-time expense. The price may vary depending on your state, the distance you are driving, the size of the vehicle, and the insurance provider.

Typical moving truck insurance policies

Several different coverage kinds are commonly included in moving truck insurance packages. While some of these coverage options may be necessary, others may not. The most common forms of moving truck insurance are shown below.

Damage waiver

A damage waiver might be viewed as a replacement for collision or comprehensive insurance. If you get into an accident, hit a stationary object while driving, or are struck by another car, it may assist cover the cost of the truck’s repairs.

Although damage waivers are frequently voluntary, many insurance industry experts advise them. In general, the cost is minimal, and it might provide you piece of mind if you are involved in an accident. The damage that happens while operating a rental vehicle may not be covered by your own auto insurance policy, even if you have one.

Supplemental liability coverage

In addition to the usual liability coverage you might choose when making your reservation, your truck rental provider probably offers extra liability insurance. This add-on increases your liability limits for physical injury and property damage over the bare minimum needed by the state.

The base limits provided with the rental may be relatively low, so getting supplementary liability insurance might be a smart option. This addition can be especially useful if you want to travel a long distance because accidents might be more frequent at that time.

Cargo insurance

Furniture, clothing, and other objects that you are shipping will be covered by cargo protection insurance. This coverage can be helpful, but it typically has a cap on how much it would reimburse you in the event that your belongings are destroyed or stolen.

The cargo protection coverage limit is typically minimal, and it could not fully safeguard your valuables. It’s also possible that expensive objects, like jewels, collectibles, or gadgets, won’t be insured at all. Check to be sure the limits are sufficient for the cargo you are transporting before you get cargo insurance. If not, you may be allowed to skip it.

Medical protection

If you are driving your rental truck and are hit by another vehicle or cause an accident, medical coverage will assist in covering your medical expenses as well as those of your passenger. This coverage may pay for the ambulance travel, X-rays, rehab charges, and other associated expenditures if you were injured in an accident.

Is insurance for moving trucks worthwhile?

In general, most drivers find moving truck insurance to be worthwhile. In addition to liability coverage and damage protection, this insurance offers a wide range of advantageous coverage alternatives. A typical auto insurance policy may not extend coverage when you are operating a rental truck, so keep that in mind. Without rental truck insurance, you can be liable for the truck’s damages in the event of an accident as well as your legal costs if you struck another vehicle and are later sued. You can check with your credit card company and supplier of auto insurance to see if they can give any kind of coverage during the rental time before you purchase rental truck insurance.